Outdoor Dining – Alfresco Ribs

What better way to tantalise your tastebuds with these delicious condiments and rib glazing’s then to experience your dining pleasure outside.  Outdoor dining is very popular in the summer months when temperatures are enjoyable. However, many Australian homes support outdoor dining all year around.

Outdoor Glazed Ribs

Outdoor dining is definitive to the cultural context with many European countries assimilating this dining experience to coffees or sidewalk dinning, or to a traditional English family it may mean a formal picnic of such in a park.

What’s Alfresco?

Traditionally to an ordinary Australian, the idea of alfresco dining constitutes a combat against the dense array of mosquito’s in conjunction with a full esky to keep the beverages cool along side with the barbecue heavily alit with many men standing around imputing their expertise of meat cooking. Whilst the majority of wives are making sure the children aren’t running onto the road; chatting lively and drinking copious amounts of wine.

Alfresco Bar Fridges

Outdoor kitchens have become a luxury that many Australians are experiencing having a complete kitchen outdoors. Although many themes are current today in the Australian household, the esky has definitely been superseded by refrigerating technology. Aqua Range, have an array of outdoor refrigerators that will suit any outdoor dining situation, from smaller alfresco fridges, to extensive fridges that will forever keep you in the outdoor kitchen.

Jalapeño Pepper Sauce for Serious Foodies

Trader Joe's Jalapeno Pepper Hot Sauce

Looking for tangy, hot and sweet barbecue sauce? They come in many flavours. Bottled in jars, you also get an exotic flavour of roasted garlic and honey. If you are looking for something that is smoking hot in taste, you can go for the Jalapeño Pepper Sauce. You definitely need a strong will to taste this hot flavour of this sauce. If you are looking for a smoky flavour to dress your favourite piece of grilled steak, get this sauce that has flavours of hickory and honey. For pork lovers, get a barbecue sauce that has a flavour of cayenne and ginger.

Flavours and Food

Jalapeño Pepper Sauce

For foodies who are eager to taste different things, you can experiment with a barbecue sauce that has a combination of spices, herbs, and apple cider vinegar. A few flavours of barbecue sauce have only strong chilli and pepper flavour alone. This could generate some heat on your tongue. A few sweet flavored barbecue sauces have molasses, horseradish, and mustard spice as ingredients. Spice like nutmeg too is added when flavouring this sauce. There is a very large variety of sauce that is available online that comes in the combination of exotic flavours and taste. Depending on the meat that you are eating, you can choose the flavour of this sauce.

The Delish HP Barbeque Sauce Review

Classic HP barbeque sauce

Meatballs or steak is impossible to taste good without the brush of sweet and tangy barbeque sauce. If you need smoky flavour for all the barbeque dishes, use the Classic HP barbeque sauce. It has an authentic flavour made from natural ingredients. So, there is no chance of having artificial flavours, or preservatives. The plastic bottle in which you get this sauce is environment-friendly and recyclable. It’s good to shake it well before you start using it for your dishes. You can use it as baste for all the grilled meats. Before you start grilling the meats, brush this sauce onto them a few minutes before you start grilling them.

Ingredients and flavours

The HP barbeque sauce usually has tomatoes, fructose syrup, corn flour, flavourings of smoke, and other spices. It also contains good amounts of nutritional value. They are rich in protein, carbohydrate, sodium, fibre and can give considerable amount of energy per serving. For all the smoky, fruity, tangy, or peppery flavours, refer the labels before you buy the barbeque sauce. Not just over the grills, you can also use it over the chicken and also the hamburger. You can also serve it with rice, noodles, pasta, and any dish that needs peppery or tangy flavour. It gives sensational taste to any food and adds strong flavour to the dish it is added. Sausages, steak, fries, and any finger licking good food can be topped with the classic HP BBQ sauce if ketchup is not your thing.

The Amazing Honey Barbecue Sauce

Honey Barbecue Sauce

Honey Barbecue Sauce goes well with grilled meat and comes bottled in squeeze bottles; its a sauce that would compliment anything spicy and sometimes sweet. Just brush some of the sauce on the meat and enjoy a delish range of barbecue delicacies. This thick and smooth sauce makes any of the grills mouth watering. Enjoy this BBQ sauce with authentic country dishes when you host an outdoor barbecue party. You can taste the smoking flavours of cinnamon, honey, ketchup, oregano, and other herbs when you brush this sauce onto your favourite piece of steak.

Enjoy Honey Barbecue Sauce on Bonfire nights and Parties

Honey BBQ Sauce

Enjoy cooking with your family and friends lighting up the bonfire and singing and dancing like a free spirited hippie. A quick and easy homemade recipe would come with many variants. Generously spread it across chicken wings or meat balls. If you are going Paleo, you can still create a bespoke version of this sauce with herbs and spices. For mouthwatering, hot and spicy dishes, this is one sauce you simply cannot go wrong with. Enjoy outdoor gourmet cooking with any of the food bases made with your favorite piece of meat and veggies. Cajun cooking, especially, gets even more flavored when dressed in this sauce. For smoked salmons, tangy pork, and all other side dishes that you would barbecue in the backyard, this is one sauce not to be missed.

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